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Give your career an edge.

Develop Your Career.

Get goals based on where you are in your career. We help you understand, complete, and review them.

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We give you the power to share ideas and showcase your work so you can be introduced to opportunities.

Establish A Professional Presence.

We give you the power to establish professional relationships based off of your availability, capability, and visibility.

About Thrame's Opportunities

We at Thrame, are inspired by discovery and growth.

  • Discovery of Information / Content
  • Content is king. We thrive off of insightful content.
    We aim to work around:
  • Portfolios
  • Discussion Groups
  • Posts
  • Discovery of People
  • We equip you with the tools needed to discover new people.
    You may discover people like:
  • Peers
  • Mentors
  • Leaders
  • Influencers

  • Discovery of Career Development
  • Thrame can assist in your career development process by introducing you to various opportunities such as:
  • New Jobs
  • Gigs or Internships
  • Tracking your Career Growth

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