How to make an impact in the millennial generation

You can be a millennial networking success story if you’re good at your job and don’t want to lose your spot at work.

And with that in mind, we asked our experts to share the 10 steps to building a career that has staying power, but still works for you.


Think big, and act fast.

For many millennials, there’s not much to do besides socializing online, chatting with friends, and working on business projects.

That’s where your work comes in.

If you want to have a career in the online age, you have to start thinking big.


Start your day by setting a time and place.

Make sure your online networking profile includes a few essential steps: First, set a time when you plan to connect with people.

You can find this information on your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook profile, or on your company website.

Then, write down a time you want the conversation to begin and the place it will happen.

This could be in your office, your living room, or wherever you want.


Make sure to set a clear end date.

It can be important to set the start date, but it can also be important not to set too early.

You may not want to be out of a job before your first meeting, and you might be more comfortable setting a date with your boss, co-workers, or your boss’s team.


Plan a meeting.

Don’t forget to set an end date too.

Set a time for the first meeting and keep in mind that it should be one of those casual or low-key settings that you might set in your home.

You can find the exact time on your website or on the calendar you keep handy.


Schedule a follow-up meeting.

This is the last time you can use the phone, so set aside time for a follow up meeting, if you can.


Keep a log.

Keep track of the time you spend online, and make it public.

You could write it down in a diary or record it on a phone app.

Make it easy to find.


Make your profile personal.

Make every page personal.

Choose a name that fits your personality.

Use a pen name and a username.

Create a picture, and don, say, your name on every page.

It will be a reminder that your online presence is your own.


Write a personal email.

When you log into your profile, write a personal message to yourself, or someone you know.

Write about yourself and your work, and remember that this is just a small part of your online profile.


Make a list of things you can’t do online.

Keep track of your work commitments, and remind yourself to take time to reflect.


Be a mentor.

Make an online presence a way for you to build connections, support others, and gain skills.

Start today.