The best colleges to go to in 2018

The best college degrees for 2018: The top 50 most-cited schools and their graduates, according to a survey released today.

The top five were:The most-visited universities were:UCLA: 943,722UCLA has the highest total enrollment in the country at nearly 4.3 million, and the second-highest percentage of undergraduates enrolled in graduate-level programs.

That number is almost double that of any other school, according the survey, which was conducted by the U.S. News & World Report.

The ranking of U.C.L.A. is not based on the number of students enrolled in the school’s four-year degree programs, but the number that earn a doctorate.

It also does not include the number who earn post-graduate degrees in business or management.

UCLA also has a strong alumni network.

The next-most-visiting university was Stanford University: 892,931Stanford has a large enrollment and has seen some of the biggest upsets in recent history, such as its stunning upset of rival California in the 2016 national championship game.

The survey ranked Stanford number two on the list of schools with the largest student populations, with 1.7 million students enrolled.

The school also has one of the best alumni networks in the nation, with over 20,000 alumni serving on its Board of Trustees.

The last-ranked school was UC Berkeley: 688,839UC Berkeley is a private university with a reputation for producing the most elite academics in the state.

The university has more than 5,000 full-time and part-time faculty members and has the third-highest student population among California public universities.

The University of California at Berkeley also has the nation’s highest percentage of female professors and the third highest percentage with graduate degrees.

The top-ranked schools have the highest concentrations of students in a variety of disciplines, including humanities, social work, science, business and engineering.

The U.K. ranked second, followed by the United States with Canada coming in third.

The survey asked respondents how they felt about each of the colleges listed above.

Only one of those schools was named the top five.

The other five were ranked on the following scale:Highest Percentage of Students in Graduate Degrees: 2.5M Highest Percentage of Graduates with Post-Graduate Degrees in Business or Management: 4.5Y Highest Percentage with Graduate Degres in Business and Management: 7.5N Highest Percentage in Business & Finance: 10.3R Highest Percentage earning a PhD in Business: 13.1E Highest Percentage receiving a PhD (post-graduate) in Business, Engineering or Math: 18.2D Highest Percentage earned a PhD with Business or Engineering (postgraduate) as a Post-Doc: 25.2B Highest Percentage completing a Master’s degree (including a PhD): 34.9G Highest Percentage working in a non-profit: 35.6B Highest Percent earning a doctoral degree: 36.9R Highest Percent in a PhD program: 38.1K Highest Percent with a Master of Science degree: 38M Highest Percent (including an M.S.) in a degree program: 42.3A Highest Percentage at a Top-25 University: 45.6U.

S.-listed schools on the chart: Stanford, University of Colorado, Duke University, University at Buffalo, University Health Sciences Center, University University of Virginia, Duke Divinity School, University College London, University in Chicago, The University at Albany, Cornell University, The Wharton School, The John Jay College of Criminal Justice, University Park College, The New School, Tufts University, Brown University, Cornell Law School, Duke Law School and The George Washington University.

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