What does the new Star Wars movie have to do with the new movie?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is an exciting reboot of the franchise that brings back some familiar faces, like Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, but the new movies also features a lot of new characters and a new villain.

Let’s take a look at some of the new characters in the film.

Carrie Fisher, Carrie Fisher The most prominent of the returning characters, Carrie, has been a fan favorite since her cameo in the first film.

She returns to her home planet of Yavin 4 in The Last Knight as a young woman and joins the Resistance.

While she does not get a big screen role, she is still an important part of the story in the new film.

In the comics, Carrie was a young Jedi Padawan who joined the Jedi Order in hopes of joining the Jedi Council.

She had a great career in movies like The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

In her new role, Carrie’s daughter Kylo Ren has a romantic interest in her.

Carrie, who has a strong resemblance to the character from the film, has also played a key role in the comics.

In Star Wars Rebels, she was a Jedi apprentice on a Jedi mission, and she helped lead the rebels to the moon of Endor, where they defeated the evil Darth Vader.

Carrie has also appeared in several other Star Wars movies, including Star Wars Episode VIII: The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rogue One.

In The Last Hero, she has her own arc, but she’s the only non-human Jedi in the movie.

Harrison Ford Ford’s Harrison Ford was a character from Star Wars The Empire.

In Return of The Jedi, he played the role of Darth Vader, and in the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story sequel, he has a similar role as Vader.

He also has a great return in The Force Unleashed, where he plays an Imperial officer who has been promoted to general.

The Last Knights is the first time Ford has played a character who is not a Jedi.

Carrie and Harrison are two of the main characters of the first Star Wars film.

As a young girl on Endor during the Clone Wars, Carrie and her friend Finn were kidnapped by the Empire, who took them to the planet Mustafar, a planet that was home to Jedi.

There, they met Luke Skywalker, a young boy who would become their friend.

Carrie grew up in a Jedi orphanage on Mustafard, but Finn was adopted by a smuggler named Luke.

Both the orphanage and the desert planet were under Imperial rule, and the two were forced to fight for their freedom.

Carrie’s mother, Leia Organa, is the daughter of an ancient warrior who once commanded the Jedi Praetorian Guard.

When she was little, she and her sister escaped from the Imperial camp and went to live on a remote planet in the Outer Rim Territories.

Carrie joined the Resistance, which she eventually became a part of after being kidnapped by a rogue Imperial officer named Cassian Andor.

In addition to Carrie and Finn, we also get a look into Harrison Ford’s character as a member of the Imperial Special Forces.

He’s also a member at some point in The Empire and Return Of The Jedi.

Harrison was once a minor character in Star Wars but was portrayed by the iconic voice actor, William Shatner.

Harrison’s character was also a big part in the movies Rogue One and The Last Man on Earth.

Han Solo’s Han Solo is played by the young, British actor Peter Mayhew, who played the famed smuggler Han Solo in the original Star Wars.

He is also a major character in The Clone Wars and the prequel series Star Wars Battlefront.

He was a member in the Resistance and later joined the Imperial Royal Guard.

In Rogue One, he’s a Rebel operative who’s tasked with stealing the plans for the Death Star.

In Revenge of the Sith, he plays the villain Darth Maul, who also gets his own prequel.

He later returns in the Battle of Yavimaya, where the Rebels must defeat him.

The new film has Harrison Ford as the main villain of the film as well, but that’s not to say he’s the last of the big bads in Star War: The Final Cut.

Carrie will play a pivotal role in a new story arc for the franchise, The Last Son.

In a new trailer released this morning, we get a glimpse into a new location that was previously unknown to the Star Wars universe.

The trailer features a very familiar landscape, but we also see a new ship.

It is a Death Star-like ship that will join the Resistance on a mission to destroy the Death Stars.

The film will mark the first appearance of a new Rebel fleet in over a decade.

It will be interesting to see what kind of resistance they will muster on this mission.

The story of The Last Sons will be a part time job for the younger Finn, played by Oscar Isaac.

The character will be introduced in the next film, Star Wars IX: The