How to create your own LinkedIn alternative for social media

It’s easy to use a social network, but if you want to share it with more people, you need to get creative.

Here are seven tips to help you create your very own LinkedIn Alternative.


Use your LinkedIn profile to sell yourself.

Make your LinkedIn account the main hub of your social network.

As long as you’re active in your LinkedIn community, it’s easy for people to click on links to your LinkedIn page, then visit your profile to see how you do.

For more on this, read Why LinkedIn profiles are better than their real-world counterparts.


Share content from your LinkedIn profiles.

If you’re already posting content from the page of your LinkedIn accounts, make sure to include a link to your own page.


Make sure your LinkedIn site is clean and professional.

Make it clear where your site is located and who you’re posting from.

Make a post with your username, and add your LinkedIn username to it.

Make some sort of description of the content.


Check out what other people are saying about your LinkedIn.

You’ll want to see if people are liking what you’re saying or sharing your content with their friends.

If people are enjoying your content, it might be worth sharing it with their Facebook or Twitter followers.


Find your niche.

If there’s one thing people will share on your LinkedIn, it’ll be your content.

Look for topics you like in your niche, and share content you like there.

If someone else is sharing your article, ask them if they’d like to see it. 6.

Make an online presence.

You can make an online profile on LinkedIn by simply adding your LinkedIn email address to the site’s profile page.

This will allow people to follow you and connect with you on LinkedIn.

If a user clicks on your profile, they’ll be able to see all your content and other people who follow you.


Find a niche.

The most popular posts on LinkedIn are likely to be your niche posts.

People who have a passion for something are the ones who will likely click on your content to find out more.


Build a community.

LinkedIn has thousands of groups and groups are organized by topics, like sports, education, health, and more.

Check them out to see what your fellow LinkedIn members are talking about.

The better you can build your LinkedIn communities, the more likely people will be to click your content if they’re looking for new or interesting content.