How to Use LinkedIn to Create a Real Social Media Career

LinkedIn is an excellent tool to have at your disposal if you’re working on your own personal or professional business.

This article is designed to show you how to use LinkedIn to create a professional social media marketing profile. 

If you’re looking for a professional online job, LinkedIn may be the best option for you.

You can create a LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills and get recommendations from professional recruiters, and you can use it to get paid. 

You’ll need: 1.

A LinkedIn account.


A computer that supports LinkedIn, like a desktop or laptop. 


A web browser that supports the LinkedIn API (for example, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera). 


A Facebook account to manage your LinkedIn profile.


An email address to send your LinkedIn LinkedIn profile information to. 6. 

An email address that you can email to a professional recruiter. 


A list of potential LinkedIn clients. 


A free LinkedIn Profile Builder tool. 


A copy of LinkedIn’s privacy policy (for more information, check out LinkedIn’s FAQ). 


A copy of your LinkedIn account credentials (to prove your identity). 


Two references to relevant LinkedIn profiles (in case someone else asks you to fill out their LinkedIn profile). 


A social media account you want to promote your personal or business interests on (for free). 


A link to LinkedIn’s LinkedIn API. 


Facebook profiles with a high number of “likes” (for Facebook) and a low number of followers (for LinkedIn). 


The social media network’s name and logo. 


Optional links to LinkedIn profiles that are relevant to your interests (for instance, a LinkedIn logo that you would use to link to a LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile). 


Your professional LinkedIn profile photo (optional). 


Links to LinkedIn search engines, including a search bar on the top of your page. 


Link to LinkedIn newsgroups, including an archive of relevant LinkedIn newsgroup posts. 


All of the above. 

Note: You must also have a LinkedIn email address. 

How to use it: 1.

Make a LinkedIn account and set up a profile. 


Make sure you’ve signed up for an account, and fill out the profile information (including your LinkedIn password). 


Make two or more references to LinkedIn accounts you want people to connect with. 


Get professional advice from LinkedIn’s recruitment team (for $1,000 a month). 


Create a LinkedIn Profile for yourself. 

Once you’ve done all of the steps, click “Create LinkedIn Profile” to begin. 

Step 6: Get LinkedIn referrals for you from your current or future clients.

(Optional) This step will give you more recommendations for people to reach out to.

You may also need to connect LinkedIn with other LinkedIn services, like LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Groups for Work. 

To make a LinkedIn referral for you, click on the “My Career” link on the bottom right corner of the LinkedIn page.

You’ll see a box with the LinkedIn Referral Details that you’ll need to fill in. 

Click on “Link Me” and the referral details will be sent to your LinkedIn contact’s email address (if they have one). 

Step 7: Use LinkedIn Referrals to connect more people to your profile.

(optional) Once the referral information has been sent to you, you’ll have a list of LinkedIn referrals that you should add to your personal profile.

You’re now ready to send them a referral. 

Here’s how to send LinkedIn referral information to your contact’s LinkedIn email. 

1: Create a LinkedIn group (optional, but recommended). 

To create a group, click the “Create a group” button on the LinkedIn Home page.

2: Click “Sign up as a new user.” 

3: Enter the email address you’d like your LinkedIn group to use (see step 6). 

Click “Join” and your LinkedIn Group will be created. 

It will appear as a “New user” with a white “new” icon next to it. 

Follow the steps to add a LinkedIn Group to your professional profile.

Step 8: Send a LinkedIn message to your contacts to get them to connect you with more people. 

Tip: If you don’t want to have your contacts use LinkedIn, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’ve got a LinkedIn Groups page that’s full of relevant people.

Here’s how: On your professional LinkedIn page, click LinkedIn Groups. 

From the “New User” section of the Group Details page, go to the “Friends” tab. 

Under the “Contact Details” tab, scroll down and click the box next to “Name” and “Contact Number.” 

Click the “Add Contact