Startup announces new venture in US: New company to help ‘save lives’

NEW YORK — Launching today, Startup, a venture-backed company based in New York, announced that it will provide medical services to the underserved and disadvantaged in underserved communities.

The company’s mission is to “provide medical care to underserved populations by providing safe and efficient access to safe and affordable medical care and other health services that are affordable, accessible and culturally relevant to underserving populations.”

Startup will be offering two types of services: First, it will be providing a medical supply chain to a local hospital and a network of community health centers, while providing training, education and referrals to those who need it most.

Second, Startup will provide health care to underrepresented populations and underserved ethnic groups.

Startup is based in the US, and the company’s website describes it as “a startup incubator, not a venture capital fund.”

The startup’s website states that its mission is: “To solve the medical needs of people who have not yet received the medical care they need.

We will build the next generation of health care providers that can provide the life-saving, affordable health care that millions of Americans are seeking.”