‘The Next Big Thing’: How Millennial Networking is Changing the Way We Live

Millennial networking is a growing part of American life.

And that is not just because of the millennials who will one day become the world’s new billionaires.

We have a new generation of leaders who are redefining the way we live our lives, who are changing how we work, and who are transforming the ways we learn, learn, and learn.

The most interesting of these new leaders are millennials who are using technology to make a positive difference.

That’s why, in this special episode of the New Yorker magazine podcast The Next Big Things, we talk to a new class of leaders in technology who are reimagining the work that we do and the lives we lead.

As they’re transforming the work of American businesses and the world at large, we’re learning from them.

This is not the future of American business or the world, but it’s the future we should be looking to.

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