When millennials are ‘the next big thing,’ they’re going to be the biggest thing

The Millennial generation is poised to make history, redefining what it means to be a young person.

The youngest generation in the United States is more engaged, creative and engaged than any generation in American history.

But it is also experiencing unprecedented changes in the way we live our lives.

For many young people, this is the first time they have been exposed to the internet, which is changing the way they learn, communicate and connect with friends and family.

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Read moreTechnology and technology-enabled products are reshaping how people connect, consume and connect to others.

This is the story of the millennial generation.

For example, technology is changing how people communicate.

When millennials were born, they were exposed to telephones.

In many ways, they learned to talk to each other through the medium of telephones, even if it meant spending time on the phone and not using it.

The advent of phones also allowed us to have our own space.

We could communicate with people we never would have been able to meet before the advent of the internet.

And this has helped make it easier for us to socialize and connect.

But technology is not the only factor shaping our lives right now.

As technology continues to change the way people connect and connect, there is a clear shift toward a more social way of living.

This shift is not only happening in the workplace, but in everyday life as well.

This trend is already happening in cities and the country at large.

In 2016, more than a quarter of the US population was living in cities, with nearly half of all Americans living in a city.

Cities are increasingly becoming places of opportunity and empowerment.

But the millennial movement has also brought about a shift in how we live.

The Millennian generation is the largest generation to experience mass displacement and displacement of our country’s youth.

We are the next generation that is changing America, and this is our story.

Millennials are the future of American cities, and the new generation of millennials has the potential to transform the future.

In many ways the Millennial movement has already been transformative for the country.

For example, the Millennia generation is more connected than any other generation in America.

Millennials are more engaged than ever before.

They are more creative and more engaged.

They understand the importance of civic engagement, and they are looking for ways to engage with their community.

They also have more of an interest in making a positive difference.

They want to make the world a better place, and it is clear that they are passionate about this.

The rise of the Millennian wave is also a sign that America is in transition, and that the millennial wave is going to impact many different aspects of American life.

As millennials age, their participation will decline.

But they will also be a part of a future in which cities are a place of opportunity, and a place that is growing up, not in decline.

It’s no coincidence that the largest city in the US, San Francisco, is home to many of the young people who are participating in the Millennium movement.

The city is becoming more diverse and diverse in ways that are already happening across the country, and many millennials feel the effects of this change.

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Read MoreWe are also experiencing a cultural shift.

Millennial Americans are more comfortable with the idea of having their own space, and more comfortable talking about things like race, gender, sexuality and so on.

This has a ripple effect across the U.S. We also have seen a significant change in the political landscape, and Millennials are making a difference in our politics.

In a presidential election, Millennials are not just casting ballots, but actively participating in their local elections.

The next generation of leaders in the U