Which social network are millennials most connected to?

Social networking sites are getting increasingly popular with the millennial generation.

The latest research suggests they’re particularly popular with young people.

The data suggests that, on average, millennials are much more likely to be Facebook friends than they are to have friends on the same social network.

However, many social networking sites still offer some privacy options, and they’re still mostly restricted to Facebook users.

Here are the most popular social networking apps and services for millennials.


Facebook: This is the biggest social networking site for millennials out there, with more than 20 million members and more than 8 billion monthly active users.

It also has the most active community of any social network in the United States, with about 6.4 million members.

Social networking is also the biggest source of online advertising in the U.S. The company’s platform is owned by Facebook, but its employees are also part of the company.

Its goal is to connect the world’s most popular people with the world at large.

But there are other social networking companies, too.

Instagram and Tumblr have been gaining traction, and Pinterest has been gaining popularity among people who are looking for a community to share their art.

You can sign up for Facebook to use your phone number for free, but if you want to have Facebook-like features, you’ll need to sign up.

If you want a free account, it’s probably best to sign in through Facebook’s website.

The platform has a strong following among millennials, with almost three out of four millennials saying they use it to find people and places to meet.

It is not as popular among older adults, which is a good sign for Facebook.

However in the last year, it has seen a decline in active users, with a recent analysis showing that millennials were far more likely than older adults to use Facebook for group or other social purposes.


LinkedIn: This service has become a popular choice among the millennial community, with nearly 20 million active users and nearly 4 billion monthly members.

It’s also the most social network for millennials outside of Facebook, and it has been growing at a steady pace over the last several years.

Its service has a loyal following of about 3 million active members, with another 7 million using it for business and professional networking.

Its platform also has some privacy features, such as privacy settings that can limit the number of people you can connect to.

There are many LinkedIn-related services, including GroupMe and LinkedIn Groups, and there are also mobile apps.

It has a huge following among college students, with roughly a third of the people who use it going to college, according to research by the social network’s CEO, Sheryl Sandberg.

The numbers are likely to increase over the next few years.

However the company is still growing, and its revenue has been increasing as well.


Pinterest: This social networking service is not owned by a single company, but is owned and operated by a group of companies.

The site has more than 12 million users and has more users than Facebook and Instagram combined.

The service has an active user base of about 5 million.

It makes use of photo tagging, allowing users to share photos, posts and videos on their own sites.

The photos are tagged with the person or group that created the photo.

Users can also share and embed images, videos and more from their own networks.

There’s also a photo gallery and other features that make it a very popular way to share and explore photos.

Pinterest has also been gaining a lot of popularity among younger people, especially for people looking to build their networks.

The app has been seen by more than 1 billion people, according in the first quarter of 2018.

It recently made it possible for users to send a photo to other people, with the recipient receiving the photo in a message.

Pinterest also allows users to use their photo for a variety of things, including advertising.

For example, it lets users post their photos for sale, or share them with friends.


Twitter: Twitter is not the only social network used by millennials.

In the first nine months of 2018, Twitter’s user base reached about 6 billion.

It does have some privacy and ad-free features, but it’s not as active as Facebook and is still primarily used for social networking.

The user base is growing more than 2 percent a year, and that’s thanks in large part to the growth of its business, with new users logging in to the service on average every week.

It sees about 7 million daily active users in the US, with over 300 million of those users coming from the U