Former White House Communications Director: ‘A lot of people in the White House were very upset’ by Trump’s tweet about Charlottesville

Former White Senate Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said that many in the Trump administration were “very upset” by President Donald Trump’s remarks in a tweetstorm on Friday night.

Scaramuci was fired from the White Senate staff in January after the president was caught on tape bragging about groping women.

Scarumucci tweeted a link to a Breitbart News article titled, ‘A Lot of people at the WhiteHouse were very, very upset.’

The president’s statement, and I quote, ‘sounded like a scripted statement and I’m disappointed in myself for not being prepared.'” “

A lot and a few people were very angry.

The president’s statement, and I quote, ‘sounded like a scripted statement and I’m disappointed in myself for not being prepared.'”

Scaramudi said he was not at the dinner in New York, but he had a conversation with the president about the situation, which led to a phone call.

Scaramy said that some people in his White House thought the tweet was a “sad commentary” and said that he did not regret his actions.

The President said: “I said that we needed to be very, sharp.

I didn’t want to be rude.

I wanted to be really smart.

I want to know where the truth is.

I’m very, VERY upset about it.”

Scaramucchi’s remarks were a response to the president’s comments during a White House press briefing, in which he was recorded saying he didn’t “see a problem” with the Charlottesville protests, which were largely peaceful.

The White House said Trump did not see a problem with the protesters and said the President “did not say anything that would suggest otherwise.”

Scarumuci tweeted: “@realDonaldTrump I have a message for you, you’re a bully.

I don’t know if I’ll be there next week, but it will be on the cover of Time. — Anthony Scarabucci (@Scaramucci) August 14, 2021 “I know what it is like to be in the Oval Office, but when I sit in the oval office, I have the utmost respect for the president,” Scaramudis tweet.

Scarambucci also slammed Trump for his recent tweets about the Charlottesville riots and said they were “disrespectful” to those who had died.

Scaramiucci was fired as White House communications director in January following the president being caught on film bragging about sexually assaulting women.

He was then replaced by Steve Bannon.

Scarameucci said on Twitter that he was saddened by the Charlottesville incident and that he “thought I’d be out of the Whitehouse” before being hired.

Scarams tweets, which have garnered more than 9,000 retweets, were later deleted.

Scaramus tweets were a reaction to President Donald J. Trumps remarks during a press briefing on August 14.

Scarbucci said, in his tweet, “It is disrespectful to those that have died, for not allowing us to speak our minds and to the families of those who died.

It is also disrespecting to the memory of those that lost their lives and those that are still fighting for justice.

“The President is now on vacation.

Scaramerucci tweeted: The WhiteHouse is in the midst of a crisis.

I’ve been in touch with President Trump to tell him what I saw. pic