When millennials are tech-savvy, they’re getting rich

Tech Insider, “If you’re a millennial, you are living in a world of data.

If you’re not a millennial,” that means you’re living in the era of millennials.

That’s what CEO and founder of tech giant Zynga Mike Moritz tells his company’s investors.

He says millennials are the generation of money.

So how do millennials spend their money?

In an age when millennials are increasingly moving from their parents’ house to their own, they spend more on groceries than they did a few years ago, according to a new report from the New York Times.

The average millennial now spends $300 more per month on groceries, compared to the average adult.

And if you factor in the cost of college and other debt, the average millennial’s spending is higher than it was just two decades ago, says Matt Hirsch, a professor of economics at Princeton University who studies the generation.

The number of millennials living in poverty is at an all-time high, with more than 5 million millennials struggling with food insecurity and $4.2 trillion in debt.

Moritz also argues that millennials are more tech savvy than their parents.

“I think there’s a generation of people who have become tech savvy,” Moritz told the Times.

“They’re getting to know the internet.

They’re reading books and movies.

They are getting involved with technology.

They know about the internet and technology.”

What they don’t know is that the Internet of Things is the new digital age.

The Internet of things is a new generation of smart devices that combine sensors, cameras, and even computers.

These devices, which can detect a user’s heart rate, can then automatically adjust the volume, color, and sound of music, according the Pew Research Center.

According to Moritz, the new generation wants to be connected to the world around them.

“The digital age has changed the way we live our lives,” he said.

“There’s no longer a single place that people go to connect to the Internet.

You can connect to any one of these devices, but they’re all connected.”

Moritz says he’s seen a change in millennial behavior from being tech savvy to spending less.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned is millennials are spending more than their grandparents, it’s on their kids,” he says.

“We’re paying more for their food.

We’re paying for their college.

We need to be smarter about spending.”

Millennials aren’t just buying into the millennial trend.

They’ve also become the first generation to be more accepting of others who are tech savvy.

“It’s a very interesting and interesting thing that this generation is doing and it’s not a very mainstream thing,” says Harvard University professor of psychology and behavioral sciences Katherine Haspel.

“But it is a way for the next generation to live their lives.

That was the great hope for this generation.

They didn’t want to be living in our old world, they wanted to live in this new world.

And that’s really exciting.”