How to make LinkedIn more of a social network for millennials

LinkedIn has a new focus for millennial leaders: social networking.

Its new online platform for millennial workers, called Connect, will make it easier for workers to connect with friends, colleagues, family and employers online. 

The new platform, which was unveiled on Monday, will be rolled out to 1 million employees, according to LinkedIn’s chief executive, Marc Benioff. 

Mr Beniof told investors the platform will be available for all employees, not just those in senior roles, and will offer “a place where people can share work stories and connect with colleagues”. 

“We are seeing an increase in the number of young professionals who are choosing to be part of the workplace and have a career on LinkedIn,” he said. 

“The opportunity for employers is a good one, as LinkedIn has already proven that they can connect with a large number of people with similar interests and backgrounds.” 

“It will be easy for the workforce to engage with friends and family, connect with people in the industry and reach out to new opportunities.” 

The platform has already attracted thousands of employers who are looking for ways to improve their recruitment and retention practices, with the number growing by about 50% a year. 

It is designed to allow users to find the best people and connect them to their current employers. 

To date, about 2.5 million people have used LinkedIn, with nearly half of those using it as their primary source of job information.

Mr Benidoff said the new platform was the next step in the “transformational” transformation of the company. 

“[This is] the next stage in our transformation from a purely online service to a more real-time and interactive workplace, where everyone has the opportunity to be engaged with one another,” he told investors. 

LinkedIn has seen a huge amount of growth in the past year, with some estimates claiming that its market share had doubled in the last year.