A Black Lives Matter activist’s arrest for assaulting an elderly white woman is not an isolated incident

Vice News reporter Mike Trimble wrote about an incident involving a Black Lives Matters activist at the center of an ongoing national debate about police brutality.

In an interview with Vice News’ Ryan Murphy, activist DeRay McKesson said he was arrested for allegedly assaulting an older white woman who happened to be seated at a table in the restaurant’s lobby in Houston.

He said the woman had been drinking and was sitting next to him when McKesson allegedly grabbed her by the throat.

The incident occurred last week at a restaurant in the city’s Downtown area.

In a statement, Houston Police Department spokesperson Scott Smallwood said the officer who arrested McKesson was “unaware” that he was breaking the law and would be referred to internal affairs.

McKesson said it was an “incredibly sad day” for him and the movement.

He said he has been “in constant contact” with other Black Lives matter activists throughout the controversy and he is trying to find ways to “re-establish some sort of norm in this country.”

“I’m just very grateful that people like me have had to speak out about what we have been seeing in this area, and how we’re seeing it in the black community,” he said.

“There is a lot of anger in the African-American community right now.

I just want to be a part of it.

I want to help to make it better.

I’ve been on the front lines of that.

I’m really proud to be part of this movement and I’m going to keep fighting for justice.”

He said there is a need to bring back a sense of normality in society and the “black community” as a whole.

“I want people to understand that we are not in this for ourselves.

We are in this to better our community,” McKesson told Murphy.

“We are not going to be silenced.

We will not be silenced by the system.”

McKessler was released on his own recognizance.

He told Murphy he was planning to appeal his arrest and would not be making any further statements.