NFL’s biggest names are making big moves online

Former Browns coach Rex Ryan, who has been hired as an analyst for CBS, announced his plans to create his own company to help with his business.

He also announced a plan to launch a new sports-focused online platform.

Ryan, the Browns offensive coordinator and a Hall of Famer, has been a regular in the media spotlight in recent years.

The site will be called

His name is on the front page and the team logo is displayed in the bottom right corner of the site.

“My hope is to give fans and business owners more insight into the business side of things and to better understand who the players are and where they’re coming from,” Ryan said in a statement.

“That will also allow me to focus on building relationships and building the business.”

A source close to the situation told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that Ryan, 49, was approached by a handful of potential investors for the new company in August.

“Ryan has been extremely busy,” the source said.

“He is making major decisions.

He is working with a few of the top people in sports.

But it’s a business, and he’s working on it.”

Ryan’s announcement comes just weeks after the Browns hired longtime ESPN NFL analyst Jay Glazer to work as a producer.

Ryan will serve as co-producer of “Monday Night Football” and host a show on “College GameDay” during the 2017 season.