Facebook: What we know about Facebook’s media team

By David Gelles BBC Sport Facebook is a media company that is now making some big changes in the way it deals with its userbase.

Its head of media, Nick Pickles, is the latest person to step down from his role and it’s not clear how long he will remain.

Facebook is a company that has grown in popularity in the past few years.

It started as a personal message board, but has since expanded to offer a wide range of content and social networks, including Messenger and Instagram.

Mr Pickles has been the face of the new social network.

But the company has also made some big moves to boost its user base.

The social network has announced it is building an office in Dubai and will be expanding its mobile and cloud business in Asia.

Its new head of news, Ben Smith, is responsible for the news page that is the home for all of Facebook’s news and events.

Mr Smith has been tasked with revamping the Facebook news and stories page, which is now home to some 30,000 news stories and about a quarter of the content that is shared on the site.

Mr Read, the former chief content officer, has been appointed chief operating officer.

The new head, Ms Pickles was one of Facebooks most visible employees, but it’s clear she’s not the main focus of the company.

Ms Pickles is the third woman to take the reins at Facebook in recent months.

In July, she replaced Evan Williams, who left to start a new venture.