Startup network for millennials for tech start-ups

A startup network for young tech start ups has been launched by the Facebook-owned company, aiming to help millennial start-up founders build their careers and careers in the tech industry.

Facebook has been launching its Millennial Start-Up Program since July, which provides financial support to young start- ups.

Its goal is to help young people get started in the technology industry and help them grow their businesses.

In a statement, Facebook said the MillennialStartup program is “designed to build and grow a community of young entrepreneurs who are eager to build their future careers in tech and the internet, with the goal of giving them a way to help their community thrive.”

It said the program will provide financial support and mentoring to young entrepreneurs and will help them build their business and community.

Facebook said the fund will be available to “startups that have started or are already active in their communities,” including a handful of start- up groups, which are designed to give young people the confidence to start their own businesses and get their business started.

The company said the initiative is focused on young people who want to start or grow a start-Up or a non-profit, but also to young people with diverse backgrounds who want a chance to network and grow their business.

It added that the program is not about making young people rich, but to help them succeed.

“Millennials are just starting out in tech, and so we’re going to support them in the right way,” Facebook said.

“We’re trying to give them the tools to grow and grow.”

Facebook says the program helps young people start a business, grow a company, build a network and build a community.

The companies that are eligible for the program, according to Facebook, include the likes of Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Airbnb and Instagram.

The program is open to anyone who is 18 or older and has an Internet connection.

Facebook also launched the program in 2017, offering $1,000 to any startup that reaches a $10 million fundraising goal, which was $1 billion at the time.

It has also invested in StartUp Labs, which is focused specifically on helping young entrepreneurs find mentors and mentorship, and its Next Gen Fund, which funds new start-Ups, mentoring programs and the like.