Why you should start a social networking site: Here’s what you need to know

The social networking giant LinkedIn has been under fire from the Federal Trade Commission over its handling of users complaints.

The FTC has launched a probe into LinkedIn and whether the site’s terms of service violate the FTC’s anti-trust laws.

The investigation is focused on the company’s handling of user complaints about its online advertising platform.

According to the FTC, the site allowed its users to “advance” and “demote” each other without permission.

Users who complained were unable to remove their names from the rankings, the FTC said.

Users could also get blocked from participating in LinkedIn events.

LinkedIn has denied any wrongdoing.

“Our review of the FTC complaint is ongoing, and we will be providing additional comment once we have completed it,” a LinkedIn spokesperson told The Huffington PM.

The company has also launched an apology to users, including a video that the company released Tuesday that included a video of CEO Jeff Weiner and others apologizing.

The video also said the company has created a new “UserVoice” feature to make its advertising platform more user-friendly.

The content of the video has not been publicly released.

The LinkedIn video was posted online last month.

Read moreAt the time, Weiner said in the video that he and his team had been “in the midst of an internal investigation” when the complaints were brought to his attention.

He also noted that the FTC has not contacted LinkedIn to determine whether the company acted appropriately.

The new user voice feature, which has been in the works for some time, is part of a suite of features the company is building to improve its online ad services.