Why you should start a social networking site: Here’s what you need to know

The social networking giant LinkedIn has been under fire from the Federal Trade Commission over its handling of users complaints.The FTC has launched a probe into LinkedIn and whether the site’s terms of service violate the FTC’s anti-trust laws.The investigation […]

How to Learn to Make the Most of a Graduate Degree

Aspiring tech professionals are increasingly turning to the internet for career advice, and a new infographic from CareerAdvisor reveals a few ways you can use your degree to your advantage.The company released the infographic today, and it’s part of its […]

Which are the top Social Network sites for millennials?

LinkedIn has launched a new “career development” site aimed at millennials looking to build an online presence.The site is designed to help individuals who are looking to make more money from their careers by providing information on the careers they […]

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Facebook’s social media team has published a story that might help millennials connect more directly with each other.The article in question was titled “What You Need to Know About Millennial Networks” and was shared on Facebook’s News Feed on Thursday […]

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Social Networking platforms have become an increasingly popular avenue for young professionals seeking to get in front of new audiences and expand their careers, and there’s a growing trend toward embracing new social media tools as part of their career […]