Which Social Media tools are the most popular for Millennials?

Social Networking platforms have become an increasingly popular avenue for young professionals seeking to get in front of new audiences and expand their careers, and there’s a growing trend toward embracing new social media tools as part of their career […]

What I do on a day-to-day basis: A look at what you should know about the role of women in the workplace

It’s a role that is increasingly viewed as a female one, one that is often held up as a way to break barriers and be more successful.The Women’s Empowerment Initiative has released a report to help the public better understand […]

Which career development website has the best Social features?

The official LinkedIn website has some great social features, and they’re often available as part of a profile.However, the site’s overall profile features only three categories: Connect, Work and Community.LinkedIn’s community features are generally more powerful than its Connect feature, […]

How to Grow Your Career,LinkedIn Alternative Sources Fox Sports

In his new book, Millennial networking: The Power of Sharing, Michael Moore explores the best ways to connect with younger workers and entrepreneurs.He says that as companies seek to grow their talent pool, they are seeking to connect workers with […]