Online career help guide: A guide to networking,millennials,digital careers

It’s easy to lose track of who you are when you are younger and without the right connections.For some, it’s even easier to lose the confidence you need to succeed in life.But if you’re still struggling, there are ways to […]

Why you should start a social networking site: Here’s what you need to know

The social networking giant LinkedIn has been under fire from the Federal Trade Commission over its handling of users complaints.The FTC has launched a probe into LinkedIn and whether the site’s terms of service violate the FTC’s anti-trust laws.The investigation […]

Which Social Media tools are the most popular for Millennials?

Social Networking platforms have become an increasingly popular avenue for young professionals seeking to get in front of new audiences and expand their careers, and there’s a growing trend toward embracing new social media tools as part of their career […]

How to get a job online: millennials networking guide

Millennial networking is getting more popular, with more companies offering online job boards and job search services, but many still struggle to find the right match.The job boards are popping up everywhere, from LinkedIn to CareerBuilder to CareerSuite.They’re great, said […]