A new book on the ‘war on drugs’ author says the war is a lie and that there’s no such thing as ‘legal’ drugs

Author and critic Michael J. Casey has written a book called War on Drugs: A True Account of How America’s War on Marijuana Is Actually a Lie and Why It Is Destroying Our Country.Casey is the co-author of the forthcoming […]

Which are the most popular LinkedIn alternatives for millennials?

Posted July 30, 2019 06:38:48 LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social networking services in Australia and the number one online recruiting site among millennials.According to a recent study, more than 80 per cent of Australian young people have […]

How to make LinkedIn more of a social network for millennials

LinkedIn has a new focus for millennial leaders: social networking.Its new online platform for millennial workers, called Connect, will make it easier for workers to connect with friends, colleagues, family and employers online. The new platform, which was unveiled on Monday, […]